Don’t Do SEO!?

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Do Misleading Blog Titles Work?

So the easy answer is yes when they get someones attention. If that’s what you are after then SUCCESS!

But what if you want readers to come back for more, is this the best tactic? Case in point is this article that caught my eye as I was scanning through LinkedIn.

It was titled:

Why I Don’t Do SEO, and Neither Should You

Here is the the full post. Now I totally agree with not trying to do something you don’t understand but at the same time this title makes it seem that you don’t need SEO and should not do it. When in fact there are tons of basic things you can do -some are listed in the above article.

I have to give the author props for the catchy title but is this best way to get the point across?

It seem a little like a False Beta to me because I thought she did not use SEO at all. And yet she does, but then she doesn’t AWW!

Here is something I found in a glossary of marketing terms:

False Beta: When the reticular activator is interrupted by an activator, only to discover upon further inspection that the activator is NOT also important and relevant (ie, not a hot button). Stated plainly, if the person is interrupted but not engaged, that’s a False Beta. An example would be when you’re in a crowded airport and hear a voice from behind you call out your name. Your name is an activator (familiar), so you turn to gather additional, clarifying information. Upon turning, you realize that the persona was actually calling to someone else who apparently has your same name. Obviously, you would not still engage that person in conversation. In this case you are interrupted but not engaged – a False Beta.

Our brains are built to detect when something is not lining up right. We might just think it was not interesting or maybe go so far and to think the person was trying to mislead us. So as content creators we must make sure we line up the content with the title of our content.

Here is some great points from Juliana!

It hurts your credibility. The next time you post a really killer blog, people will be less likely to click through. Why bother when they’re not even sure the blog will really be about that topic? You want to build trust with your readers. When they click on content from your site, you’ll deliver the goods and make it worth their while.

It will increase your bounce rate. Sure, your traffic went up because more people clicked on that intriguing title, but what does it matter if people don’t stay on the site to actually read the content? When people click on a page and then quickly leave the site, this is counted as a “bounce.” The higher the bounce rate, the less engaged your readers were with your content.

It can affect reader satisfaction. Remember the goals of your blog. It’s likely a one-time traffic boost isn’t what you really want. In order to build brand loyalty, build up your blog audience, or to achieve numerous other blogging goals, you want to keep your readers happy, so they come back for more and recommend your site to others.

It can affect SEO. Maybe you’re jam-packing your blog title with keywords, so you think that makes it worth it even if it’s a little off. After all, it’s helping to improve your website ranking, right? It might not. Keywords are not the only factor that search spiders use to determine rank. They also look at “linkbacks.” The more people who link to your site, the better. And no one wants to link to a site that feels like you are reading a keyword generator.

Say what you mean, and mean what say applies to online just as much or more as the rest of the World.

Are You a Stressed Out Business Owner?

Sunday, February 9th, 2014

By Chip D Thompson


So many times as business owners we get so busy in our business that we lose track of some simple things.

But don’t stress! We are going to talk about ways to overcome these problems so you can have a distressed business and personal life.Business

Busy Being Busy

You must keep in mind that that busy does not mean your business is growing. But it keeps you

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What is Email Marketing?

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

By Chip D Thompson


Have you had enough spam yet?

In this article I’m going to talk about what email marketing is, and how it is different from spam. One thing is for sure if you are online in this day and age with any significance you understand what spam is. Recently the term has expanded to include anything you don’t want.Spam or Weeds

Can you tell me what a weed is? And I’m not talking aboutgrass that some people smoke. But if you have a garden with potatoes carrots and onions and there is any other type of plant in it, it is a weed.

So we have tons of email, IMs, text messages, etc. Only some of them really mean something to us and the rest of them come up on their own. Sound something like weeds doesn’t it? In fact you unsubscribe or “spam” a message and it stops coming back just like a weed that you rooted out.

What do you think of when I say email marketing?

Many people I have talked with think I mean buying a list and sending a sales type email to the entire list hoping enough people will open them and buy. But guess what I call that? For the sake of this article I will call it weeds but of course it is spam.

So please don’t be a spammer! Email marketing should never ever be about another commercial voice. We already have tons of radio and TV commercials. Don’t fill my inbox with them too.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an extension of

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Why I Homeschool

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Think about this, if you are not adding value to someone else’s life why would you get paid?


I think people put way too much value on a paycheck and never consider that a paycheck is the result not the action. How many kids have graduated from school thinking that there to go get a “job” with no consideration of adding value to anyone’s life. It just means they get a paycheck.

Home School


I think this has very much to do with the system we put kids through public school. They are taught how to be a good follower, how to be a good cog in the wheel. Instead we should be teaching and training our kids how to add value and then they would never need to get a job because they would own their own business before the ever graduated school

How I get things done at home

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Let’s face it, working at home has it’s challenges! But there are ways to get things done and in fact I think you can beat the “office” 10 to 1!

In this video I talk about an app and timer program that help me stay focused on the task at hand.

Here is the link for the website/app and the iPhone app is called Lift.

What do you do to get things done when  you are working at home?

Why I do what I do

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

There are so many things that you can do to market your business… Aww!


There are so many options, so many ideas, and so many places to go sometimes it’s hard to know what is noise and what is effective. This post is about why I promote what I promote and my thinking behind it.


 Possible marketing tools

  • Social media
  • Email Marketing
  • Old School Marketing Systems


Social Media

For a time all he had to say was Facebook Marketing and people were acutely interested. I think it was because of the idea that there’s something there there was nowhere else. Sort of like a

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Why Google+ Gets an A+ in my Book

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

A letter to J.D. Rothman

So I was reading your note to Google Ms Rothman and why Google gets an F- in your opinion. Upon reading this -which I found very useful by the way, more in a bit, it stirred up in me why I believe so much in Google+. I’m going to step through your 6 statements or questions and basically layout why they are solutions and not a problem in my opinion. -For the complete post please refer to this link:

So the following is taken from point 1)

 Is it a Facebook alternative – if so, where’s the Words With Friends and how can I spy

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What Makes a Good Email?

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Email CopyDon’t use my inbox to push me around!

I have read the last “Sales Letter” I want to read from just opting in somewhere how about you?

Instead make emails about furthering our relationship. Ask me a simple question/s and don’t give me a link to another sales pitch!


Yes I use automated email systems. Yes there are going to be some snags at times. Over all everyone wins with good relationship building emails.

Most folks want to hear from you again, that’s why they found you in the first place… because they like you or something about your company. Email can further this for them and enrich their life while you sleep. That is what I call a good email!


Forget that We Call it E-Mail

When you send a letter or mail with real postage do you think about it for awhile? How about when you write in a birthday card? Why not write emails with the same heartfelt intent?


6 Simple Steps to Email Copy That Works

1. Always write as if you were writing to someone you know, Mom, Sister, Brother, etc.

2. Use their first name very early in the letter

3. Don’t overuse their first name

4. Give them enough info but don’t put every contact detail into every email, makes it feel “commercial”

5. Don’t promote something that you would not promote to the same Mom, Sister, etc.

6. Keep it short and easy to read. This would include short paragraphs with only two or three sentences in each


School Safe and Crowdit

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Do you like the idea of your kid being safe in school?

The tornadoes in the Midwest have been kinda crazy for the past couple years. First Joplin Missouri got hit and now almost 2 years to the day Moore Oklahoma. Especially in the case of Moore far too many children died when you have this type of shelter ready to protect them and the only thing that stands in the way is a little bit of money.

School SafeOne man is ready do something about keeping our kids safe. His name is Russel Gehrke. He is the man behind a new storm shelter that is better than anything on the market, and yet more affordable can you beat that?


Why is School Safe better?

Why is it better? Gehrke has looked into the Joplin tornado and the fact that it lasted longer than most shelters are supposed to endure. So he has built a system that can endure the same horrific experience of both Joplin and Moore.


It gets even better!

How would you like it if your kids had a bulletproof safe room to go to if a crazed shooter showed up at school? These shelters are also bulletproof! Gehrke has even proposed the idea that kids could watch movies and make a play room of the safe room so the event of an emergency it would be fun for them to be safe.


Enter Crowdit

Don't just dream it, Crowdit Gehrke -the creator of the shelter has a dream to protect as many kids as he can but the one thing standing in the way is funding. One of his solutions is to use Crowdit is a crowd funding resource website.

New to crowdfunding? This is a method where the community can come together and support a cause without anyone risking too much of their own money. In fact by supporting a cause you get a special position, everything from a T-shirt to a special price on the product itself.

In the case of School Safe you can enter a drawing for merely supporting him with $1, you will get a T-shirt for $20 of support, all the above and a special price  on a safe room for $100, and the list goes on. I personally think this is the best idea for start up businesses since sliced bread.


Want to Support the Dream?

Can do just that by going here Don’t waste time! At the writing of this post there are only 69 days left!

You can help by sharing this too! Just use the buttons below! 

Why You Should Have a Gravatar

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Gravatar LogoWhat is a Gravatar? A globally recognized avatar.

Why would you want a globally recognized avatar? This way any time you post in many blogs or sites it will pick up your avatar and folks will recognize you.


Think of it as personal branding. In fact you could use your company logo as your avatar. This way no matter where you’re posting you will be recognized.


One of my favorite features of Gravatar, that is run by the same folks that produce WordPress, is it’s free and it runs without you having to do a thing to it after you set up the first time.


What image to use on your Gravatar?


I personally use the same avatar as I use on my other social media. This way keeps my branding congruent across all the platforms. An alternative would be to use your company logo. The main point is to keep it consistent.


In fact I believe that if you want your brand recognition to be your pet dog that is just fine. Just so you keep it consistent. People will understand that’s who you are and know you from one platform to another. Who here remembers MySpace, and the ever consistent picture of Tom Anderson who was everyone’s first friend?

Tom Anderson of Myspace

Steps to get your Gravatar setup?

1. Go to

2. Then follow this link:


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