Being Helpful for Marketing? Youtility

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Can you imagine marketing so good people are willing to pay for it? I can!

I just finished a book that I think is on the cutting edge of where marketing is going for the brands that will live. The book is Youtility by Jay Baer,  get it here: Amazon

Jay talks about a many case studies from cab driver that makes a local directory to a toilet paper maker that has a bathroom rating app -Sit or Squat for your phone.

Think about the people that have been helpful, are you more likely to remember them? And then hire them when you need what they offer?

Think about YouTube, millions of helpful videos, are you making them too? I look up all sorts of useful content on YouTube from Handyman projects to Automotive. There seems to be no end what you can find.

Case in point. As it happens I had a tricky thing I figured out when moving a website around. I thought some others would like to see how I found to do this so I made a video on

Then a few months later it was time to move another one and I was stuck at the same point. So I looked up my own video and totally took care of it!


Day 23 -A Change of Focus

Monday, July 7th, 2014

What is working and what will change!#Firedin107 Day 23

Twenty three days into my challenge and I think it’s time to look at what is working to focus on that more and what is not working to trim it off.

To look at this I have to look at my why, why am I completing this change? What does success look like?

Answer, I must be getting in front of business owners who can say Yes to my services.

At 23 days in, have I increased this activity? Yes?

With what tool? Screen capture video.

Is this part of my challenge? Nope!

It is time to add screen captures as a main point.


What do I do about the other posting? Audio updates, etc.?

I have decided to cut this activity back when I have something to say. This will give me time to focus on connecting with business owners that need what I have to offer.

I would like to continue my daily audio log. I may turn this into a podcast of some type, but not make a daily post because this is what takes the time.

Instead post a weekly update with several days as a playlist.



As always you can search #FiredIn107 to read more!

Thanks for stopping by!

Day 20 -How Do I Stand Out? #FiredIn107

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

The answer to standing out seems so simple but… be different!Day 20 #Firedin107

Check out this article from Zig Ziglar, Doing Beats Talking Every Time. Many times folks want to think and talk about new ideas but so few take action.

Think of this list:

How many of your friends have written a book?

How many make YouTube videos?

How many write in a blog often?

You can stand out by being who you are 100%, that’s all it takes!


Want some more proof? Check out Seth Godin’s Blog, that is one of the top blogs in the World!

Look at all that is different than other blogs:

  • It’s simple
  • Posts are short
  • It’s focused
  • You can’t even add comments
  • It’s not even on it’s own domain!


What are you doing to stand out?

My advice, seek out a mastermind. Join and add value. You will start standing out like never before.


Day 19 -What One Thing Matters?

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Do you ever have too many things to do?Day 19 #FiredIN107

Welcome to life, right?

But what if you could find just one thing that you really need to do in each area and focus only on that? I know for me I do a better job when I focus, and I feel better about it too.


If this is you then check out this book by Gary Keller, The ONE Thing.

Every time I pick it up a feel the pressure come off. You will be glad you got it!

Day 18 -Good Things Happening! #FiredIn107

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

This is a game changer!Day 18 #FiredIn107


Now that I have this goal and challenge, I have a reason to talk about what I am up to when talking with my friends and family. It makes it so easy to talk about my goals and dreams and why I’m doing what I’m doing.





Heard an awesome podcast today, you must check it out:

Remember search #Firedin107 and when you make a comment somewhere use the same hashtag (#FiredIn107) and I will find it :)


Day 17 -Been a Great Weekend! #FiredIn107

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Hard to believe it is a new week already!#FiredIn107

And I am 17 days into my challenge. One thing I know I need to do but do not have a clear path yet is finding a mentor.


Goals for this week:

Send 1 local business a video with helpful tips that I see about their online  brand.

Make a short helpful video a day

Catch up on my posts and audios

Connect with at least 1 person on a recorded hangout


This audio is an idea I heard about for keeping accountability. I love it!


Day 16 -A Walk In The Park #FiredIn107

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

The kinds wanted to take a walk in the park today #Firedin107

and since I had open time for the first Saturday in a long time we did just that. There are so many things in life that have no value compared to time with your kids.

What is life without kids to hand it off too?

What made this walk more fun is that it started to rain well we were a good distance from our car, so we get good and wet!

My thought from the day? Take time to catch your breath, your business and goals will be here tomorrow.

Day 15 -The Ball Game

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

I think baseball is one of America’s oldest advertising machines#Firedin107

I went to my first live game last night and I could not help but notice that at every opportunity they would have a sponsored spot.

Yet most of it is “top of mind” with very little or no engagement. So now today, who do I remember? What little sponsored spot changed my life? Well, one actually did.

In the 6th inning the announcer said that if our home team -Springfield Cardinals hit a home run in this inning our ticket would be good for a $99 Sunday from Andy’s Frozen Custard.

And you guessed it, they hit a home run! So now I have a coupon for a $1 Sunday!

Why don’t more brands go for this type of engaging life changing ways of marketing?


By the way, I used -for the first time and free photo editor at to make the Day 15 image. Really cool program, worth looking into.

Day 13 -Really Good Networking Today

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Have you heard of 1 Million Cups?Day 13

You can find more at:

This is an entrepreneurial focused event where two companies present their ideas and challenges and get feedback from the crowd.

So far this chapter will have between 70-100+ attendees.

Also the meeting happens at a place called the eFactory. Which is a place setup for helping new and upcoming businesses. They have offices for rent as well as cowork space.

You can find more here:

This cowork space idea is popping up all over so I would search your area for the term “cowork space YOUR CITY”

Goal today: Send at leas 1 video to a company I wish to work with.

Day 12 -What if Good Ideas Are The Problem?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Can You Come Up With 100 Ideas? I Bet You Can!Day 12 #FiredIn107

Here is a link to help. This is the 20 idea Method by Brian Tracy (although this is not his site).


So maybe having too many good ideas are the problem?

I think having a mind full of ideas means you have a million ways to go. Kinda like ordering at a fast food joint with a huge menu.

With a lot of ideas there are simply too many choices. So how to sort down to what I should do and what should just sit on the shelf?

Here are my answer,

Ask myself, what idea or action will lead to me connecting with my ideal client?

Then focus on this task 100% of my daily “work time”.


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